27. maj 2013

Workshop in Collective Writing of Independent Porn at Queeristan in Amsterdam

A Workshop in Collective Writing of Independent Porn
by Tea Hvala and Bibliotheque Erotique
at Queeristan Festival in Amsterdam

Time: Saturday, June 1st from 12:00 to 16:00
Location: Op De Valreep

At the workshop, we are going to play with the rigid conventions of genre and gender and experiment with producing (semi)pornographic writing that turn us on. We are going to rely on our imagination, our individual erotic fantasies and collective writing techniques in which strange, sometimes humorous, sometimes poetic, and sometimes scary conjunctions arise from, so it seems, pure chance.

We won’t wait for inspiration. We won’t worry about controlling the narrative either. We are going to put aside individual artistic value and try out several collective approaches that can teach us to let go, trust our co-writers as well as our imagination – and our ability as writers.

The workshop is going to start with a short discussion on how we can reclaim the right to sexual pleasure as we like it, and the beauty of bodies like yours and mine. We will talk about mutual consent and ethics, and the reasons why our fantasies can never be politically correct, even if our porn is – from a feminist point of view – politically correct simply because queer people with queer bodies are in it having queer sex.

We will continue by playing several short Surrealist games in order to relax and prepare for the climax: the collective writing of gender- and genre-fucking stories of our own.

Language: English
Open to all genders, no previous knowledge necessary
You can register for the workshop at the info booth during the festival. Max. 15 people

Tea Hvala is a sociologist, writer, translator, editor, organiser and feminist science fiction fan with a MA in Gender Studies. She lives and works in Ljubljana where she co-hosts a monthly radio show Sektor Z, co-organises the International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns and participates in Red Dawn’s theatre performance group. Since 2008, she has been facilitating workshops in collaborative writing of feminist-queer science fiction In Other Wor(l)ds in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, and The Netherlands. Her recently edited books include Svetovi drugih (KUD Anarhiv, 2010) and Rdecke razsajajo! (KUD Mreza, 2011).

Bibliothèque érotique is a literary performance group that entices its listeners to think, fantasize and talk about sex and sexuality. We do this by mixing fashion, performance art and erotic literature.

2. maj 2013

Anthology presentation 'Import-Export-Transport' - May 23rd, Vienna

Cordially invited to the presentation of anthology

Queer Theory, Queer Critique and Activism in Motion

edited by Sushila Mesquita, Maria Katharina Wiedlack and Katrin Lasthofer.

Together with Vendula Esteban Wiesnerová (Bratislava), Tea Hvala (Ljubljana) and Marty Huber (Vienna), we want to pick up some core topics of the anthology. The themes, among others, are the entanglements of queer activism, theory and research, the challenges of translation, as well as strategies within current LGBTiQ politics.

Thursday, May 23 2013 at 6.30 p.m, Pfeilgasse 33, 1080 Vienna ("Schenke" /Basement)
[Please note: The "Schenke" is not fully wheelchair accessible. Please contact us for further information.]   


About the Volume
Twenty years after the emergence of “queer” as a political concept, the contributions to this anthology discuss the radical potential of queer theory and activism within different spatial, cultural, and socio-political contexts. Both the term “queer” as well as initial concepts of queer critique are not only closely connected to the English language but also to the Anglo-American socio-political context. Nevertheless, queer has traveled a lot since its emergence in the 1990s. Therefore, this collection explores how and for what purposes the term “queer” is and has been appropriated within different settings and locations, such as academia, activism, and popular culture. The volume opens up a space for trans-regional, intersectional, trans-disciplinary, and genre-transgressing exchanges about queer theory, queer critique, and queer activism.

The anthology is a collection of interdisciplinary articles, essays, and artwork by: Bini Adamczak and Mike Laufenberg; Sanja Milutinović Bojanić; Petra Sußner; Erzsébet Barát; Ivana Pražić; Robert Kulpa, Joanna Mizielińska, and Agata Stasińska; Cornelia Möser; Vendula (Esteban) Wiesnerová; Tea Hvala; Sanja Kajinić; Hongwei Bao; Nicole Alecu de Flers; Leopold Lippert; Kateřina Kolářová; Jack Halberstam; Hanna Hacker; Johanna Schaffer (with/out Vlatka Frketić); Marty Huber; Persson Perry Baumgartinger; Anthony Clair Wagner.

“IMPORT – EXPORT – TRANSPORT: Queer Theory, Queer Critique and Activism in Motion” is the first volume of the series “challenge GENDER: Contemporary challenges of_within Gender Theory” edited by the Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna. This new series presents contemporary theories, discourses, and research within the field of transdisciplinary Gender Studies, including Feminist Epistemology, Queer Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Feminist Science Studies, Gender & Science Technology Studies. Central to the series are critical approaches to gender relations and other power structures in the context of globalization. Moreover, “challenge GENDER” presents analytical works that reflect changes over time, and attempt to think sex, gender, and sexuality in new ways.

Literarni večer Ko beseda postane ime - 23. maj, Ljubljana

Okna kratke zgodbe 2 z Miho Mazzinijem

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literarni večer
Ko beseda postane ime

Zaključno branje udeležencev literarnih ustvarjalnic Inštituta IRIU (Okna poezije 2 in Okna kratke zgodbe 1), izbranih na natečaju. Okna v pesniško in prozno ustvarjanje bodo za vas odprli: Urška Aplinc, Andreja Borščak, Anja Cimerman, Mitja Drab, Klemen Godec, Katarina Gomboc, Tea Hvala, Aljaž Koprivnikar, Rok Korošec, Jana Kolarič, Iztok Majhenič, Anja Naglič, Klara Otorepec, Ana Svetel, Kaja Teržan in Aja Zamolo.

Posebna gosta večera bosta mentorja literarnih ustvarjalnic Miha Mazzini in Peter Semolič ter Ana Geršak, vodja spremljevalnega programa ustvarjalnic.

Četrtek, 23. maj 2013 ob 19. uri v kavarni Union v Ljubljani
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