5. sep. 2012

Panel discussion Sisters Unite!

Sisters* Unite! 

A discussion about queer_feminist political activism at Rampenfieber Festival
Friday, September 21st 2012, at 17.00, Fluc, Praterstern 5, Vienna

Nighttime is the right time for conspiracies with the feminist terrorist?! (Luise Pop)

Femen and Pussy Riot - feminist activism was hardly ever as present in the media as it is today. And hardly ever as actually those actions challenge the established political systems and bring topics such as sex work, sexism, or the right to freedom of expression to the general public. But Femen and Pussy Riot are just the tip of the queer_feminist iceberg, everywhere arise and exist feminist networks, platforms, forums, festivals, fanzines and radio shows. But many of these initiatives are only known by few, the flow of information rarely fails solely to language barriers …

With this panel we want to bring queer_feminist activists from different contexts, networks and locations together to talk about shared and different issues, approaches and practices as well as specific forms of action in relation to their individual/common political intentions. What is the role of national /regional contexts? What about the (international) exchange and what can we learn from each other?

Panel members:
Zosia Hołubowska (anthropologist, queer and anarchist activist; Copenhagen, Denmark)
Martyna Hormańska (musician, vegan and queer feminist; Wrocław, Poland)
Tea Hvala (feminist writer and organiser; Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Dorottya Karsay (queer and anti-racist activist; Budapest, Hungary)
Marissa Lôbo (migrant black activist and artist; Vienna, Linz, Austria and Brazil)
Zhenja (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Moderation / chair: Sushila Mesquita (activist, musician, researcher; Vienna, Austria)

Panelists' biographies.
Festival program (booklet in PDF).