28. apr. 2010

Prepih / Draft interview on Grassroots Feminism website

Grassroots Feminism is a fabulous network portal and research platform that takes as its starting point the belief that today’s grassroots women's/feminist cultural production and practices are worthwhile and need to be documented.

By interviewing the makers of feminist and queer media (zines, blogs, radio shows, etc.) and regularly publishing Ladyfest and other festival programs, the project is trying to make the work and activism of transnational feminists more accessible, as well as to establish a “living history” archive. The project initiators (Elke Zobl, Rosa Reitsamer, Red Chidgey) are also looking for contributions and inviting people to participate in their web surveys about feminist media and Ladyfests.

In 2009, Red Chidgey interviewed me about the blog you are reading now, Prepih / Draft. The interview is entitled "One person is never just one identity; it’s not necessarily a schizophrenic situation" and can be read here.