5. jan. 2009

Presentation at Lad.i.y.fest Berlin

Feminist street actions and graffiti in Ljubljana

In 2008, Špela Oberstar and I made a tour of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and took pictures of all the graffiti and street art pieces that we could find and interpret as feminist and/or lesbian. Earlier that year, I dug through private and public archives in search of whitened-out graffiti and half-forgotten street actions in order to compile a sketch of a very dispersed yet loosely connected feminist activist alliance in Ljubljana.

In the presentation, I am going to show a selection of photos of graffiti and street art pieces, and share some stories about the feminist street actions that took place in the last few years. I am going to interpret them as sporadic, anonymous, fleeting, and mainly illegal interventions in the dominant cultural order by drawing parallels with relevant political events and written herstory of feminist and lesbian initiatives of the same period. My pretty obvious argument is that these are some of the available and fun forms of “streetwise activism” that offer us public visibility and the possibility of creating and intermediating our own knowledge and values...

In English. All genders welcome.

Saturday, January 17th 2009 at 19.00. K9, Kinzigstrasse 9 (U-Samariterstrasse), Berlin-Friedrichshain.

On the same day at 14.00, there is also going to be a stencil workshop. For details, see the Winterfest webpage or myspace.

In Slovenian, the article about graffiti was previously published in ČKZ journal's special issue on street art – and here. In English, the article about street actions was published in Cunterview. Also in English, yet another shorter version about graffiti, street art and street actions was published in Revue Amnis in pdf. In short, an old story;)