25. jan. 2013

New issue of Apokalipsa journal

KUD Apokalipsa released Apokalipsa journal nr. 165-167 (2012/13), featuring English translations of poems by Barbara Korun, Esad Babačić, Stanislava Chrobakova Repar, Jure Novak, Primož Repar and Barbara Simoniti, prose by Iva Jevtić and Jurij Hudolin, and a series of essays on Soren Kierkegaard's philosophy

The Gender section includes essays by Ana M. Sobočan, Ana Makuc and Alenka Koželj, and A Megaphone, an extensive interview section dedicated to women writers from Slovakia and Slovenia who discuss their working conditions, relations between the writing of women, women's writing and feminisms, the role of institutional support for writers, and writers' self-organizing. It also features my interview with Stanislava Chrobakova Repar, herself a writer, the initiator of A Megaphone interviews and the editor of Apokalipsa's Gender section. The interview was conducted in 2011 as part of the "Grassroots Feminism: Transnational archives, resources and communities" project. It was originally published on the Grassroots Feminism website. 

The journal can be ordered directly from KUD Apokalipsa: revija@kud-apokalipsa.si

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