13. feb. 2012

The Futurist Writing School

Utrecht, February 20th-26th, 2012

The Futurist Writing School is part of The User's Manual - The Grand Domestic Revolution (GDR), Casco's long term 'living research' project developed in partnership with Utrecht Manifest: Biennial for Social Design. The project explores the potential of the domestic sphere as a locus for creating 'the commons', a self-organised form of sharing both material and immaterial resources, by means of artistic, organisational and spatial design operations. 

Following on the rich history of feminist utopian and speculative fiction practices that conjured new relationships, languages and agencies for transgressing structural and invisible forces of subjugation, GDR's Futurist Writing School is organising a week-long workshop running within and alongside the Digest events.

Led by an editorial team consisting of writer, Marina Vishmidt, designers Abäke, and curators, Binna Choi and Maiko Tanaka, along with guest contributors including Merijn Oudenampsen, Quinsy Gario and Tea Hvala, five to seven further participants will collectively write stories imagining alternative forms of living and working organised and intensified in a daily regime. GDR Futurist Writing School will also produce a public reading to close the week-long Digest on February 26th.

The four major themes of the exhibition (Domestic Space, Work, Properties and Relations) will set the major tensions for that near future while the GDR exhibition works will be invoked in multiple ways from catalysts, prompts or props in a story, to historical objects, main characters and offhand references. The GDR library will also serve as immediate reference and resource throughout the week. To accommodate and support this collaborative intensive, Casco, one of three venues for the GDR exhibition, will be transformed into a futurist writing camp. The resulting texts of the school will form the backbone of the GDR exhibition catalogue to be published later this year.

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