7. jul. 2011

Interviews with feminist and LGBT media producers in Slovenia

GrassrootsFeminism is a website dedicated to the contemporary transnational grassroots feminist community. Among other things, it includes interviews with feminist and LGBT radio hosts, zine makers, blog writers, magazine editors etc. In 2010, I interviewed several grassroots media producers in Slovenia, all of which can be acquainted below:

Ida Hiršenfelder, editor of Sektor Ž radio show
Enči Brenči and Tadeja Pirih, co-producers of Lesbian-Feminist University blog
Stanislava Repar, editor of Gender-Apokalipsa review
Roman Kuhar, editor of Narobe magazine

Rosa Reitsamer and Elke Zobl are still conducting two anonymous online surveys; one to find out how and why people consume and/or produce women's/feminist independent media, the other to find out how and why people become involved, participate in and organize Ladyfests. Participation is welcome!

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