8. nov. 2009

In Other Worl(d)s Workshop: The Salzburg Stories

The collection of eleven sci-fi stories, co-written at the Civilmedia UnConference 2009 in Salzburg on Friday, November 6th, can no longer be reached due to broken links. Sorry! If I ever manage to recover my old hard drive, I will post them here. Until then, you can check out the photos and read Debi's and Dušan's reports from Salzburg.

Here are some photos... taken by Dušan Dobiáš & me.

Thanks to Civilmedia for making the workshop possible and, of course, to everyone who left the workshop chuckling: Cristiane, Debi, Red, Dušan, Paul, Sarah, Christian, Nikoletta, Jenny and Imre. Big thanx to the transcribers and decoders our charmingly illegible handwritings...

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