20. nov. 2009

Discussion about participatory culture...

...and technology in on- and off-line networks took place at the Civilmedia conference in Salzburg on Saturday, November 7th 2009. The audio recording of the debate was published on the CBA (Cultural Broadcasting Archive) site and can be heard here.

Initially, Alek Ommert was supposed to join the conversation but could not make it. Instead, Sonja Prlic spoke about Frontiers, an online computer game about crossing borders. Rosa Reitsamer spoke about the Vienna-based feminist and anti-racist series of discussions Female Consequences and about the DVD and online publication Dig Me Out dedicated to female musicians and performance artists. I spoke about Rdeče zore festival and a little bit about my recent blogging experiences. The debate was moderated by Elke Zobl.

Rosa Reitsamer, Tea Hvala, Sonja Prlic, Elke Zobl (Photo by Dušan Dobiaš).

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