22. sep. 2018

Performing Gender Workshop at City of Women Festival

City of Women Festival 2018 

Egon Schiele, The Friends, 1912

Performing Gender - Dance Makes Differences
A workshop with dance-maker Koldo Arostegui González and dance dramaturg Tea Hvala
September 30th-October 6th 2018, ŠD Tabor, Ljubljana

At the workshop, the choreographer and the dramaturg will share their experiences and skills acquired through the two-year international project Performing Gender – Dance Makes Differences with ten young dancers, selected through an open call. The project investigates gender and dance, and provides skills useful in developing new forms of narrative for LGBTIQ identities in Europe.

Gender as a game, as a layer of our identity that we can transform and play with to express ourselves. Gender as a costume we wear, a song we sing, a poem we forget…
(Koldo A. Gonzalez)

We are going to use movement as a tool to get a profound insight into gender, in the ways it is written in and all over our bodies. We aim to create a safe space and playful atmosphere that will allow us to reflect on this topic, look for new ways of understanding it as well as experiment with our genders in a performative and collective context. We will look for the movement that is already there, happening in our bodies. Not knowing which shape it will take, but being a channel for it.

Participants: Martina Delprete, Sara Gorinjac, Vesna Hauschild, Slobodan Malić, Urška Medved, Alicia Ocadiz, Silvia Pederzani, Giacomo Pini, Maša Radi, Danijela Zajc.

About the workshop (short interview with Koldo and Tea)
The sharing (public presentation) of the workshop: 
Saturday, October 6th at 17h, at ŠD Tabor, Ljubljana
Free entrance.

Production and organization: City of Women.
European cooperation project: Performing gender - Dance makes differences.

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