23. jun. 2017

The WisCon Chronicles Vol. 11: Trials by Whiteness

The American science fiction publisher Aqueduct Press recently released The WisCon Chronicles Vol. 11: Trials by Whiteness, edited by Jaymee Goh.

In her introduction, Jaymee Goh writes: "Beautiful ones, we come to WisCon because through science fiction and fantasy, we know better than to simply accept the status quo. Why should we be as Caliban, whose only profit form the language of his colonizer is to curse in't? Can we not re-shape it--have we not re-shaped it for our own ends?" 

In short fiction, poetry, personal essays, academic thinkpieces, Twitter rants, and informal Q&As, this volume begins conversations on liberation and limitations, intergenerational and international conflicts, intra-community and internal tensions. 

The anthology features an excerpt from my short story "Ansible" in Slovene and English as well as a Q&A with the editor, entitled "Far Away Enough to Count".

Full Contents

The volume is available in both print and e-book editions now at at www.aqueductpress.com.

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