6. apr. 2014

15 Years of Red Dawns Fest: Exhibition and Discussion

It has been 15 years since the conception of the Red Dawns Festival. To commemorate this event, the 2014 team organized an exhibition of posters that visually defined each festival edition. Different motifs demonstrate how the festival has been transforming throughout the years, how it evolved from a women's pocket festival and international women's festival to an international feminist and queer fest.

As with the festival's program, the choice of the poster for each festival was motivated by the groups' desire to give an opportunity to young and innovative female artists who could represent Red Dawns well. Throughout the years, many artists have visualized the festival: Antje Schrimer and Dragana Rajković (the first poster), Zvonka Simčič, Tanja Vujinovič and duo Phant&Puntza, Anna Ehrlemark (the first one in co-operation with Igor Hofbauer), Leigh San Juan, Ana Baraga, Nives Marković and Ana Čigon who designed the latest 2014 poster.

At the opening on March 6th 2014 in Menza pri koritu, Danijela Zajc lead a discussion with the co-founder of the Red Dawns, Nataša Serec, and the long-term program team member, Tea Hvala.

Photo by Rebeka Bernetič. The video was recorded and edited by Nika Autor.

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