28. nov. 2013

Presentation of 'In Other Wor(l)ds' in Pristina

Presentation of In Other Wor(l)ds workshop series

Is there such a thing as luminous wonder?
Depends on the light.

In Other Wor(l)ds was a series of workshops in collaborative writing of feminist-queer science fiction, satire and erotica, that ran from 2008 to 2013. At the end of my Pristina has no river” writing residency at Qendra Multimedia, I am going to talk about exquisite corpse, the most frequently used technique and booki.cc, the open-source software for collaborative writing. The event is going to close with a reading of some monster-pieces from the workshops and a short collaborative writing game you are welcome to join. 

Qendra Multimedia, Pristina, Friday, November 29th at 18:00


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