21. nov. 2012

Interviews from the Sarajevo edition of Living Archive

In September, the curatorial collective Living Archive invited me to Sarajevo to record some interviews with the guests of the third edition of Bring In Take Out - Living Archive, an initiative that provides space for discussion and exchange to feminist artists, theoreticians and activists.

At the first edition in Zagreb (in October 2011), I was jumping between two events, and unable to really focus on either one of them: the REDacting Transyugoslav Feminisms: Women's Heritage Revisited conference and Living Archive, dedicated to relational politics between feminism and contemporary art in the (post)Yugoslav space. At the second edition, I had even less time and the only reason I could experience, for example, Margareta Kern's excellent exhibition GUESTures in Kapelica gallery, dedicated to women migrant workers (from Yugoslavia) who worked in Germany, was because I was looking after it a day after the 13th Red Dawns festival was finished.

Finally, at the third edition in Sarajevo, I had the opportunity to attend several highly articulate lectures and artist talks, and participate in most passionate discussions, most of which have been recorded and published on Living Archives website (videos). The third edition was dedicated to feminist articulation of public space within the common field of art, theory and practice. It took place in the Sarajevo University Campus, next to the recycled kiosk and new playground for kids, both arranged by volunteers who responded to Armina Pilav's and Danijela Duganćić Živanović's call for collaboration. 

I recorded audio interviews with the poet and musician Andreja Dugandžić, theoretician and writer Belma Bećirbašić (recorded together with journalist Elvira Jahić), architect and activist Armina Pilav, illustrator and graphic designer Ana Baraga and two members of Mostar's Abart collective (Anja Bogojević and Amila Puzić). The interviews can be heard below (or here). The one with Ana Baraga is in English, the rest are in Bosnian.

Andreja Dugandžić

Belma Bećirbašić

Armina Pilav

Sound editing by Jure Gruden.

Ana Baraga

Abart (Anja Bogojević, Amila Puzić)

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