24. dec. 2010

Essay on Red Dawns Fest published in Monitor ISH journal

Monitor ISH, an electronic and printed academic journal from Ljubljana, published my looong essay about Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns (Rdeče zore) in its 2010 issue. The article contains selected chapters from my MA thesis. In it, I wonder whether the festival managed to create a feminist and queer grassroots public (space) in its ten-year-long history. I discuss feminist political theory of counterpublics and juxtapose it with the views expressed by 17 festival (co)organisers whom I interviewed in 2009. The theme is framed within the recent history of feminist, lesbian and queer organising in Ljubljana, within the contemporary current of transnational DIY grassroots feminism and within the postsocialist frame.

The article is available in PDF.
Previous issues of Monitor ISH can be reached here.

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