10. jun. 2010

New I.O.W. zines

The stories from my London Zine Symposium workshop In Other Worl(d)s are going to be published on their website as soon as we manage to decode our handwritings and transcribe the stories. In the meantime, here are two zines you might be interested in reading: old stuff, collected for my English speaking friends, especially those who prefer to read in this garden, bus, bed and toilet friendly format (all stories are also available online, on this blog).

In Other Worl(d)s

A6, 60 pages, b/w with colour cover
1€ (Slovenia), 2€ (EU), 3€ (world) or preferably trade!

The stories published in this zine were writ­ten at In Other Worl(d)s workshops which discuss and practice collaborative writing in the genre of feminist-queer Sci-Fi. The participants were invited to write stories that relate or transform gender vari­ant human characters to aliens, fremdsprachenmons­termavens, robots, mechanoplants, dodots, levitating broomsticks and other queer creatures.

Half of the stories were written by Anne, Anouk, Brigitte, Caroline, Diny, Nina, Sara and me in Amsterdam in 2008. The other half was written last year in Salzburg by Cristiane, Christian, Debi, Dušan, Imre, Jenny, Nikoletta, Paul, Red, Sarah and yours truly. The stories are accompanied by prints of exquisite corpses drawn by Alen, Dare, Gašper, Janna, Jure, Lina, Red, Špela and me.

3 Stories
A5, 32 pages, b/w
1€ (Slovenia), 2€ (EU), 3€ (world) or preferably trade!

This zine includes the English translations of two stories (Explication of the Great Muddigger and The Storm) and a comic I made in collaboration with David Krančan entitled Confidence Per Person. The Storm and the comic were previously published in comics magazine Stripburger.

To order, write to: tea.hvala at gmail.com

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