16. jul. 2009

Lad.i.y.fest Berlin 2009: Reading of feminist and queer literature

Reading of feminist and queer literature from “Middle-, Eastern-, Southeastern Europe”

Thursday, July 16th 2009, 7:30 - 10 pm at SfE (Schule für Erwachsenenbildung). Gneisenaustrasse 2a, 10961 Berlin, (Mehringhof - 2nd backyard, right side, 3rd floor) www.sfeberlin.de (U7 Gneisenaustr., U6 + U7 Mehringdamm) Lad.i.y.fest Berlin '09 webpage.


Compared to the works of feminist and queer writers in “Western Europe” and USA the relevant literature from authors from Central, Eastern- and Southeastern Europe is nearly unknown to a wider public, especially in the Anglo-Saxon or German speaking world.

Spending some time with us, in a cosy environment, reading short texts written by feminist, lesbian and queer authors from Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and other countries, you may get a glimpse into the world that often remains unknown even to the “mainstream society” in the authors’ home countries. Even though some of you may already be familiar with some of the texts, you will have the chance to hear some not yet published/translated works – and last but not least – enjoy the atmosphere of an interesting feminist public reading.

Open to everyone interested in feminist literature and respecting the idea of the festival!


My poem Say it! was read by Sadie. Many thanks to Tanja and Sadie for their help with translation and, of course, the invitation!

Say it!

She turned up and said: are you…?
Yes? I asked
and waited for the inevitable.

She gulped down her saliva,
an ice-cold waterfall of certainty:

To me, you look…

You’re lesbian, right?
No - are you coming on to me?
Noo… are you bisexual?
No - there are more sexes.

Don’t tell me you’re straight?
No, no, it's just you who makes me cold.

Who are you then, say it!
My name is Monique, Judith, Kate,
and Ed, Dim and Herculine.

I'm a person, sometimes I'm people.
Uncertainty is not going to kill us.

Don’t be so secretive, say it!
Look, this is becoming so cold
I’m about to lose my voice.

You look like… - she gulped down
an ice-cold waterfall of certainity -

I have to know your name.

C’mon, define yourself, say it!
Look, I’m cold:
my face has gone numb.

C’mon, define yourself, say it!
Don’t be so secretive, say it!
Look, its time for you to leave.
Hurry, or else you might vanish.

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