7. dec. 2008

Inside The Great Muddigger

The PostProloClub takes place once a month in Vienna. It is a space to present, discuss, and criticize projects, ideas, texts, or whatsoever the invited PostProlos are working on. It is there to learn how to talk, to talk wild and big!
The PostProloClub is going to temporarily inhabit the complicated mind of the great muddigger (Caenulentus major) in order to gain insight into the changes this species on the verge of extinction has had to face when it was forced to move from a dessicated swamp, his natural habitat, to a rented flat. Ever since he has been living with his human friend, zoologist Bata Leviki, the great muddigger has been suffering from a mild form of depression. He now spends most of his time soaking his dried-out body in the bathtub, thinking about the price of domestication, adaptation to human ways.
Fig. 1: Caenulentus major's natural habitat (Photo by Bata Leviki)

On Saturday, unexpected voices in his head suggest that domestication or, as they put it, the process of becoming human, has its advantages. They remind him that Bata Leviki is going through a similar process, wondering about his own transformation into a companion species. PostProlos also prepare a delicious veggie soup that, as the muddigger eventually admits, tastes much better than swamp microorganisms – or, for that matter, Bata's endless plates of spaghetti. After they generously offer him several shots of vodka, a most unusual yet empowering conversation takes place. That same night, the great muddigger is overcome by a most lucid dream, or perhaps a premonition about what is yet to come...
Fig. 2: Becoming human... (Photo by Bata Leviki)

Saturday December 13, 2008 at 18:00.
VBKÖ, Maysedergasse 2 (4th floor), 1010 Vienna.
Find a map here.
Check Sunday's program here.

PostProloClub's Interview with Tea Hvala.

2 komentarja:

Nova Viator pravi ...

lep intervju na PostProloClub.

všeč mi je predvsem tvoj fokus na ...

"materialist versions of feminism as they pay attention to the vulnerability and strength of embodiment..."

hvala za šer in še bi. ;-)

sonce v utrecht!

(th) pravi ...

hoj, hvala! ja, ni mi vsec, ce se vse reducira na tekst - ali obravnava kot tekst, podoba, itd. nova storija o blatarju se bo zanasala na tovrstne teorije, pa donno haraway ('companion species manifesto'), o kateri smo se na dunaju tudi pogovarjali, in philipa k. dicka, ki je v storiji 'beyond lies the wub' ze ozivil ene sorte blatarja... postproloclub ekipa je super, skoda, ker v bodoce ne mislijo vec organizirat podobnih vecerov...

lp iz meglene ljubljane;)