29. nov. 2008

Stripburger #48 is out!

The 48th issue of comics magazine Stripburger features 96 pages of eye-candy! Highlights: Dongery, a group of comics artists from Norway (Bendik Kaltenborn, Flu Hartberg, Sindre W. Goksøyr and Kristoffer Kjølberg), Latvian comics scene (Anete Melece, Kaspars Groshevs and Ingrīda Pičukāne) and an interview with Marco Corona, one of the most intriguing contemporary Italian cartoonists. Stripburger #48 also boasts with an unusually high percentage of Slovene authors. Domen Finžgar makes his debut in this issue, while Damijan Sovec returns after a long absence with a series of travel comics. Other highlights include Olive Booger (France), Janek Koza (Poland), Tea Hvala (Slovenia), Gašper Rus (Slovenia) and the collaborative work by Koco and Matej Lavrenčič (Slovenia) - the latter is responsible for the cover illustration as well.

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