10. maj 2008

Presentation at Eclectic Tech Carnival

Eclectic Tech Carnival
May 25th – 31st 2008
, Amsterdam

May 26th at 22.00, Vrankrijk, Spuistraat 216
May 30th at 17.00, Plantage Doklaan 8-12

»When we move, it's a movement!«
Feminist and queer festival Red Dawns

Presentation by Tea Hvala

Red Dawns festival happens annually around March 8th in the Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since 2000 and the 1st Red Dawns, the organizers have shifted from self-defining it as women’s to feminist and finally in 2007, to a feminist and queer festival. The presentation is going to outline the reasons for and consequences of Red Dawns’ constant need for (re)articulation. Welcome!

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